Last night my mom and I went to the local book store and bought the brand-new Harry Potter book. We stayed up till two a.m to get this book… and so far I have not been disappointed. I am on Act One, Scene Nineteen and so far Harry Potter’s son, Albus, and Draco Malfoy’s son, Scorpius, have become best friends. While rumors about Malfoy jr.’s parentage break out about how Draco and his wife couldn’t have a baby so they used a time-turner to have Draco’s wife sent back in time so that they could have a child… but the gossip says that Draco is NOT the father… the world’s darkest wizard is said to be Scorpius’s real dad. Then Albus becomes a Slitherin, so bullying starts. Albus and Harry find it difficult to understand each other. Then Harry and Amos Diggory get into an argument because Amos wants Harry to take an illegal time-turner and go back in time and save his son Cedric from Voldomort. Amos plays the guilt card on Harry saying he is the reason why Cedric is dead. Harry denies there is a time-turner that can go back in time that far and tells him that he will not mess with the past. Albus decides to run away dragging his best friend with him. Wanting to help Amos get Cedric back, telling Amos that there is a time-turner that can get his son back. With allot of persuading, Albus and Scorpious, along with Amos’s caretaker go on an adventure to go save Cedric. That is all I have read so far!