Hey! Its Lauryn! This year I am getting homeschooled virtually! My school is called Wisconsin Connections Academy!  And to day is the end of 1st semester! Whoop! Whoop! Yesterday and today I did not have any school work because everyone is still getting done with their homework, but because I am already caught up I have 2 days off! 🙂 In my school the only due dates we have are when the semester ends, so everyone can go at their own pace, but like everyone else we have to get it done at some point. To make sure that happens they give us a few days to catch up.

The reason why I moved to Wisconsin Connections Academy is  because last year was a struggle. I go at a slower pace than most people so I always end up with too much homework. I did not have a life outside of school. So I decided to try something new! 🙂 I am so blessed to be able to choose what kind of school I want to be in!