We are so grateful for the many artists and Mocha Club members who care deeply about providing clean water wells for families in Africa. We have a new opportunity to do just that and we couldn’t wait another minute to tell you.

Barrett with directors in Ethiopia

Last week, Barrett Ward, executive director of Mocha Club, met with the Director of the Central Zone of the Kale Heywet Church in Ethiopia, Demissie, as well as the Water Solutions Director, Yohanas.

We are looking at drilling two new wells near where our Women at Risk project is in Nazaret.  The other two cities in that area being researched are Kajima and Mojo.  We are looking at the city of Mojo mainly because we are all big Austin Powers fans.  (Just kidding…)

We are currently reviewing budget for two wells, and looking at specific needs and solutions for those areas. Our estimate is about $9,820 per well. We are excited that KHC owns its own drilling equipment because that makes us able to keep the price of each well relatively low.

We expect to be drilling by the middle of September!

We’ll have many more pictures and stories to come… but get ready to be a part of hundreds, if not thousands, of people receiving clean water for the first time!!